Bloomfield Schools launch auditorium campaign

According to a press release from the Greene County Foundation, the Bloomfield School District administration has launched a multi-year fundraising effort with a goal of $5 million to build a new auditorium.

The district’s goal is to raise the project funds entirely through donations and grants.

At present, the current on-site performance spaces are limited to the Glover Gym or the high school cafeteria. The proposed new facility would provide students and their audiences with improved rehearsal spaces, seating and storage along with modern lighting and sound.

The new space would also create a space for hosting other schools for contests and festivals.

The proposed auditorium would be fully accessible and would ensure all students, regardless of ability or background, are able to attend and participate in events and can create and learn both on and behind the stage.

“It will not only allow us to have more music and theatre performances for students K-12, but to get kids involved in set construction and design, sound and lighting technology, and so much more,” Bloomfield Music Director Laura Helms said.

Helms explained the schools have used the Shawnee Theater for their performances in the past, but having this on-site space will benefit the school, and the Shawnee, greatly.

“We have been blessed to be able to use the Shawnee Theatre for some of our performances for several years and continue to do so,” Helms said. “Having an on-site space available during the school day, however, will open up infinitely more opportunities as well as free up the Shawnee for their events and our gym and cafeterias for other clubs and teams.”

The release says the space would connect the existing buildings and would be utilized for athletics, clubs, classes, administration and the community to have a place for concerts, presentations, ceremonies and more.

“We’re excited to pursue a new on-site auditorium space to benefit the Bloomfield students and community members,” Bloomfield Superintendent Trent Lehman said. “We are asking and encouraging everyone to help make this auditorium project happen.”

Donations can be made online at or by sending a check to the Greene County Foundation with “BSD Auditorium” noted in the memo line.

The release specifies if construction is canceled for various reasons, the funds would become unrestricted support for the Bloomfield music department to be used for renovation of the music area, purchase of instruments or uniforms or other purposes determined by the school board.

“This has been a dream of ours for a long time, to offer a space that our performing arts department can call their own, that allows all students to be involved and that gives our school and community a place to gather together,” Helms said. “Now, we just need everyone’s help to donate and spread the word.”

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