The Greene County Foundation has three grant cycles:


Annual payout of earnings on the DESIGNATED endowed funds.  This payout is made in Feb/March of each year to those organizations that are the beneficiaries of endowed funds that are DESIGNATED for a specific purpose.  These have been established by the organization or by a donor that wants to support that organization or cause.  These can be named in memory or in honor of someone, i.e. the Dutch and Juanita Rowe fund which supports school supplies at Shakamak and WRV.  These are funds that receive an automatic annual grant from the earnings on the balance of the endowed fund.  Look on the web page under FUNDS for a full listing of Designated Funds.


Each spring (May) Scholarships are awarded.  This is grant cycle TWO.  These are endowed funds designated to be awarded as a scholarship, often in memory of or in honor of someone.  Look on the web page under FUNDS for a full listing of Scholarship Funds.  Applications for the Lilly Scholarship are posted in August of each year, and the general scholarship application in January.  Look under the scholarship tab for more information. 


This is the Community Support grant cycle, paid from the earnings of the Unrestricted funds.  The earnings from these funds are awarded annually through our competitive grant cycle which opens in late spring of each year.  The 2020 Community Support Grant Cycle will be open to applicants in April 2020.  Grant recipients will be announced in late summer 2020.  Please check back in the future for more grant opportunities.  Look on the web page under FUNDS for a full listing of the unrestricted funds

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