2013 Outstanding Ladies Luncheon

Fifteen local women were honored at a luncheon on March 9th  hosted by the Greene County Foundation.    “Greene County has a wealth of talented and community minded women  which we like to honor during National Women’s History month.”  Said Cam Trampke, Executive Director of the Foundation.     “ This is always a  fantastic event,  and really puts into perspective how the world has changed and the fortitude of  earlier generations.  This  event is a labor of love for all of us involved.”

The ladies and their families were treated to corsages,  lunch,  a serenade by Dusty Miller,  and special comments offered by Peggy Welch, former  member of the Indiana House of Representatives.  Students from area high schools helped with the day and had a chance to learn more about their community and some of its outstanding members. 

A special tab in the Greene County Daily World, Highlighted the essays written about each of the ladies honored.

Those Honored were:

Mary Aiken

Marilyn Burnside

Lanore Corbin Cady

Betty Jo Hasler Dean

Velma Bailey Goshorn

Ellen Haseman

Mary Haseman

Helen Klusmeier

Virginia Ann Hawkins Lee

Yvette Meunier McCombs

Bonna Baughman Miller

Lucille Perkins

Mary Ropp

Nancy Thomas

Ann Toney