Greene County Foundation Announces Scholarships


The Greene County Foundation is pleased to announce over $60,000 in scholarships to recipients from the Class of 2020.  The Foundation’s scholarship awards are made possible by funds established by private donors who wish to support the continuing education of Greene County graduates. The Foundation is proud to have these students represent Greene County and wishes to congratulate this amazing group of students.

Scholarships recipients are listed below:

  • Angell Family Scholarship – Olivia Hayes (WRV)
  • Bart Burris Eastern Greene Football Scholarship – Parker Denney (EGHS)
  • Byron & SueAnn McClanahan Math Scholarship – Hannah Walters (SHS)
  • Dale and Tillie Jessup Scholarship – Hannah Walls (BHS)
  • Dale and Tillie Jessup Scholarship Re-App – Mitchell Burch
  • Eastern Greene Advanced Education Scholarship – Cory Cramer (EGHS)
  • Eastern Greene Superintendent’s Scholarship – Isaac Abram (EGHS)
  • Faith Scholarship – Isaac Abram (LSHS)
  • Jaden Lauderdale Memorial Scholarship – Baylee Wilson (BHS)
  • Hollee Lent Memorial Nursing Scholarship- Megan Sparks
  • Layla Raines Memorial Scholarship – Adeline Miller (SHS)
  • Layla Raines Memorial Scholarship – Turner Hammond (SHS)
  • Mayor Robert & Marjorie Walters Memorial Scholarship – Kayla Smock (LSHS)
  • Mirisa Jones Memorial Scholarship – Chaisey Wasnidge (LSHS)
  • MutualBank/Ivy Tech Scholarship – Caitlin Emmons (EGHS)
  • Phil Harris Scholarship – Kayla Smock (LSHS)
  • Phil Harris Scholarship – Kailyn Cooksey (LSHS)
  • Phil Harris Scholarship – Chaisey Wasnidge (LSHS)
  • Phil Harris Scholarship – Jacie Fonderhide (LSHS)
  • Phil Harris Scholarship – Aubrey Walton (LSHS)
  • Rachel Hauser Memorial Scholarship – Carl Miller (SHS)
  • Bloomfield Special Achievement Scholarship – Turner Royal
  • Eastern Greene Special Achievement Scholarship– Isaac Hudson
  • Linton-Stockton Special Achievement Scholarship – Isabel Meek
  • Shakamak Special Achievement Scholarship– Jacy Collins
  • WRV Special Achievement Scholarship– Christine Davis
  • Tonda Lawrence Memorial Scholarship – Kayla Smock (LSHS)
  • Williams WRV Athletic Scholarship – Tanner Denham (WRV)

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