Greene County Foundation announces rebranding efforts

Greene County Foundation (GCF) Executive Director Sherri Knieriem issued a press release Monday announcing the rebranding of the GCF logo and the redesigning of the Foundation’s website.

“In late 2019, we decided it was time to update our logo and website—to modernize our brand,” Knieriem said.

According to Knieriem, the old “helping hand tree” logo appeared outdated, so the Foundation decided to roll out more contemporary visuals.

“The Foundation staff acknowledges the timing is awkward to announce this right now, but also feels a strong online presence is essential in times like these,” Knieriem said. “They are busy administering scholarships and grants to benefit Greene County residents, but must also ensure the Foundation maintains its service and professionalism.”

Knieriem said a more modern, professional appearance will enable Foundation staff to engage with audiences of all ages.

“And they’re excited to make the website more user friendly, so visitors can easily find the information they need,” she added.

The new logo honors the history of the Foundation through the continued use of the tree.

“Trees often represent community foundations, due to the symbolism of growth and stability. The new logo also represents the people who support the community, as well as those who benefit from the Foundation,” Knieriem explained. “Maintaining the use of greens and browns keeps the earthy color palette, while moving towards a more contemporary selection of greens.”

The Greene County Foundation inspires individuals to engage in strengthening Greene County now and for generations to come. Their brand has been built on credibility, accountability and community—that’s what’s helped them grow over the past 23 years. Knieriem said they pride themselves on their leadership of philanthropic efforts to improve Greene County.

Visit their updated website to see the new improvements at

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