Announcing 2019 College Student Scholarship Recipients

The Greene County Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the Helen Hunter Scholarship, the Kenny & Ruth Richardson Scholarship, and the Linton Tri Kappa Scholarship. These scholarships are established to provide funding for current college students who are continuing their post-secondary education beyond their freshman year, including graduate studies and non-traditional students.

The Helen Hunter Scholarship is awarded to four students: two undergraduate upperclassmen (junior or senior in college); one graduate student; and one non-traditional student, defined as a student who has been out of the educational system for at least five years and is returning to complete their college degree. The undergraduate upperclassmen awards will go to Sierra Kirkley, a senior at Indiana State University in Terre Haute and a graduate of Bloomfield High School, and Averi Workman, a senior at University of Southern Indiana in Evansville and a graduate of Bloomfield High School. The graduate student award will go to Savanna Spice, a graduate student at Purdue University in West Lafayette and a graduate of Eastern Greene High School. The non-traditional award will go to Brandi Lewis, a junior at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion and a resident of Bloomfield. All four winners will receive awards of $4,750 toward tuition.

The Kenny & Ruth Richardson Scholarship is also awarded to Sierra Kirkley; she will receive an award of $4,400 toward tuition.

The Linton Tri Kappa Scholarship is awarded to Skylar Tucker, a sophomore at University of Evansville and a graduate of Linton-Stockton High School; she will receive an award of $840 toward tuition.

The Foundation is also pleased to announce that the Faith Scholarship is awarded to Maizy Gilliland, a graduate of Bloomfield High School and incoming freshman at Oakland City University; she will receive an award of $2,000 per year, renewable for up to four years, toward tuition.

The above scholarship awards are made possible by endowed funds established by private donors who wish to support the continuing education of Greene County graduates. The Foundation staff congratulates the winners of these scholarships and wishes them all the best of luck!

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