2014 Comunity Support Grant Receipients

Ten organizations are receiving grants totaling $32,000.    Local donations, staying local for local benefit,    Thank you to all!


Greene County Soil and Water for an observation deck at the Tulip Trestle.  A $4,000 match if $4,000 raised by March 1, 2015

Youth Philanthropy

Saving the Monarchs,   Susie Ronk, Emma Brinson.   Two 5th grade students from Linton who want to start a school club and plant butterfly gardens t Goose Pond’s new visitor’s center and other locations around the county.   Awarded $500 to start and build their club, will provide an additional $500 when they are ready to plant their first garden

Health, Wellness & Fitness

Greene County Stingray Swim Team   for starting blocks and lane lines to replace the ones used for the last 20 years.

Jasonville United Methodist Church for purchase of crock pots and recipe books for classes to teach people coming to the Food Pantry how to cook more nutritious meals and take advantage of the staples the pantry has to offer.

Shakamak Long Fish Dash,  each of the next two year in support of the running event which has grown each year since it started.

Worthington Park Board for help in replacing, purchase and installation of a new slide in the playground at the park

Community Arts and Education

Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum support of workshops to offer weekend classes in arts other than metal working.  Two artists in residence will teach the classes, first classes will start this month in Blacksmithing and Weaving.

Eastern School FFA   for purchase of a greenhouse kit to be used for FFA fundraisers, selling of produce/flowers to the community and Science classes.

Libraries for Literacy   for purchase of a projector and/or chrome notebooks to be used for literacy programs across the county

Headstart to fund books for their MENtoring programs in Linton and Eastern.  Male volunteers will come to the centers and read to the students.  Students will receive a copy of the book read

Shawnee Theater –  third installment of a three year grant for operational and programming support