Memorial Contributions

Memorial or Honorius Contributions to the Greene County Foundation can be made in lieu of flowers and provide ongoing financial support for many charitable organizations. It is one of several ways to leave a lasting difference in one’s community.   From 1/1/13-5/25/3  the following contributions have been received.

Memorial Gifts for Juanita Rowe

Ann Haskett

Mrs. Halea Franklin

Wilma Inglert

Mr. and Mrs. Bill G.   Ringo

Debbie Fox

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley   Ferree

Hazel Scorby

Lincoln Christain Church

Nida Blundell

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Larue

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Ladson

Ms. Jane Prible Givens

Ms. Lorene Pell

Ms. Linda L. King

Joy Kuppler

Mr. Dale Hardesty

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A.   Strickler

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy   Norris

Ms. Margaret Moon

Mr. Donovan Wells

Ms. Freida A. Haskett

Ms. Carolyn Crichfield

Mr. Joseph Overman

Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Hiatt

Mr. and Mrs. Orval Newsom

Mr. and Mrs. John S.   McDonnell

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D.   Hiland

Honorius Gifts

Kim Hughes  for Dorothy Hughes in honor of her   90th  birthday