Where Do My Donations Go?

As a donor you decide where your donations are to be spent, and as a donor you can have as much or as little involvement as you wish.  There are a variety of tax saving vehicles that allow the donor to receive income while making charitable contributions.  A variety of fund types, Donor Advised for instance, allow the donor to have a say each year in where their donations will go.

The Foundation awards grants three times a year from the earnings of our endowed funds.  A benefit of donating to the Foundation is that our funds are pooled and the total of our assets is large enough to meet the fee reduction levels offered to large investors.  Working with the Foundation means that a greater share of your donation will go towards its intended charitable purpose.

On an annual basis the Greene County Foundation awards the following grants:

Grant Cycle ONE: DESIGNATED – Annual payout of earnings on DESIGNATED endowed funds.  This payout is made in February or March of each year to those organizations that are the beneficiaries of endowed funds that are DESIGNATED  for a specific purpose.  These have been established by the organization or by a donor that wants to support that organization or cause.  These can be named in memory or in honor of someone, for example the Dutch and Juanita Rowe Fund which supports school supplies at Shakamak and WRV.  Look under the FUNDS tab on our website for a full listing of Designated Funds.

Grant Cycle TWO: ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPS – Each spring, scholarships are awarded.  This is grant cycle TWO.  We have 27 scholarship funds that award a total of approximately $55,000 each year.  These are endowed funds designated to be awarded as a scholarship, often in memory of or in honor of someone.  To date, these scholarships have helped 372 students with college expenses at a total cost of $451,410.  This is in addition to the Lilly Scholarship.  Look under the SCHOLARSHIPS tab on our website for a full listing of Scholarship Funds.

Grant Cycle THREE: ENDOWED UNRESTRICTED – This is the Community Support grant cycle, paid from the earnings of Unrestricted funds – meaning the Board of Directors of the Greene County Foundation determines where/how these earnings are to be spent.  There are currently 10 of these funds.  These funds can be named in memory of or in honor of someone, i.e. the Bill and Linda Haseman Unrestricted Fund or the Smithville Charitable Foundation Community Support Fund.  This category of funds is part of the Legacy program: $500 starts the program as a Foundation 500; a $10,000 fund is at the Hero level and becomes named as a donor wishes; and $100,000 is the Legend Level.  The Legacy Program is focused on this category of funds only.  For more information, click here:  Legacy Brochure