Planning Your Career Path

The Greene County Foundation is pleased to provide a number of scholarships to area students for the continuation of their education.  We believe our young adults are the most valuable resource we have.  We want to encourage our young adults to expand their horizons and build their skills; however, we also want to encourage them to return and give back to this community.  A wealth of job opportunities are being created in the area which can provide opportunities and wages equivalent to other larger areas.  To explore career opportunities in your area, visit Next Level Jobs Indiana or and search for positions using the appropriate link.

College and Career Pathways:  There are many options available to graduating high school seniors to pursue once they leave high school.  Many will pursue postsecondary education and obtain two- or four-year degrees or certificates; some will enter the workforce; some will enter military service; and some may not be sure of what their next step is.  For an insightful and informative look at the effects each of these options has on graduating students, visit Indiana Youth Institute’s Postsecondary Pathways page.

Important Information:  Most scholarships provide for educational expenses only: primarily tuition and books.  Once a scholarship is awarded, receipts will be required before payment is made.  All tuition payments are made directly to the institution; payments for books or required supplies are made on a reimbursement basis.  Students, upon receiving announcement of their award, will be asked to provide the Foundation with written documentation of their acceptance of the scholarship.  Failure to do so may cause the scholarship to be awarded to someone else.  Students receiving more than one scholarship or other forms of financial aid are required to inform the financial aid office of their institution of all financial awards received.  Failure to do so can jeopardize further financial aid.

All scholarships offered through the Greene County Foundation, unless otherwise specified in the terms of the scholarship award, are awarded for one year only. For questions about scholarships and your taxes, please see