Community Support Fund

The Community Support grant cycle is paid from the earnings of our Unrestricted funds.  Many donors want to see their contributions go toward a variety of charitable causes which can vary from year to year. These donors have made the decision to allow the Board of Directors of the Greene County Foundation the freedom to determine where/how these earnings are to be spent.  The Foundation has a grant committee that reviews all grant requests and makes the awards.  Organizations are notified of the opening of the cycle through newspaper press releases, emails, and word of mouth.  The Foundation currently holds 18 unrestricted funds.  General contributions should be made to the Greene County Foundation Community Support Fund,  unless specified to one of the other funds should the donor wish to do so.  New unrestricted funds can be started at any time.

Our Community Support Funds are:

Barkley Family Community Support Fund

REMC Community Support Fund

Bloomfield State Bank Community Support Fund

Rick & Melonie Graves Legacy Fund

Tom & Cynthia Roberts Legacy Fund

Trampke Family Legacy Fund

WOW – Women of Worth Fund

JoEllen Kramer Legacy Fund

Walter W. and Mary K Burcham Fund

Smithville Charitiable Foundation Community Support Fund

Helen Hunter Community Support Fund

Greene County Foundation Community Support Fund

Bill and Linda Haseman Fund

The Hilderbrand Family Fund

Sherman Anderson Memorial Fund

Frank Miller Memorial Fund

Milton and Mable Meek Fund

Tom Jones Legacy Fund

Annually the Greene County Foundation provides over $400,000 in grants to area students and not for profit organizations.

See Grants Awarded for a full list.